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Retiring JavaRa

JavaRa was created because the Java updater did not remove old and obsolete versions of the JRE, leaving security vulnerabilities in place. The latest versions of Java now completely uninstall outdated and insecure versions, with roughly the same effectiveness as JavaRa.


Now that Oracle has taken responsibility for this problem, JavaRa isn’t really needed anymore. We have decided to cease JavaRa development and will no longer be providing definition updates after December 18th 2014. Pro Club members will still receive support for JavaRa for at least a year.

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Supporting Windows XP

On April the 8th, Microsoft will drop support for Windows XP. Security updates for the platform will cease, increasing its vulnerability to viruses and spyware. Here at SingularLabs; our products will continue supporting Windows XP for some time, but we’re changing the way we test and develop for the platform.

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Announcing System Ninja Pro

Today we’re announcing System Ninja Pro; a commercial edition of System Ninja for more advanced users. We often receive feature requests from computer technicians, network administrators and IT professionals who need more specialized functionality. Rather than bloat our core product with these features, we’ve decided to provide them to those who most need them.

System Ninja Pro features a simplified interface alternative.

The following features are included in the first release of System Ninja Pro:
Simple Mode; which provides a one-click approach to cleaning a client’s PC.
Custom Branding; which allows technicians to white-label the interface.
Zero advertising; you won’t be offered any third party apps when installing.
Commandline options; now you can run specific cleaning tasks over the commandline.
Faster updates; you won’t have to visit our webpage to grab the latest version.
System Notes; perfect for users who run System Ninja on many PCs and need to keep track of things.

System Ninja Pro will be available exclusively through the new SingularLabs Pro Club. You can buy a one year subscription for $14.95, which includes all updates and support services for the duration of your subscription.

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System Ninja 2.4.1

System Ninja 2.4.1 is a minor maintenance release that resolves issues found in the previous version. We’ve also added some extra cleaning power and new translations to make it worthwhile. Grab it from the download page.

  • Optimized overall application performance.
  • Improved detection of Mac OS X temporary files that are superfluous on Windows.
  • Added Ukrainian and Finnish translations.
  • Updated Russian and Dutch translations.
  • Fixed several user interface oddities
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    SingularLabs’ First Birthday

    Today celebrates exactly one year since we launched SingularLabs. We’ve reached some great milestones so far; but there’s still lots to look forward to in the future. At the time of writing; we’ve reached 3,230,577 software downloads, 324 forum users, an average of 5,000 unique visitors daily and a massive 600GB of monthly bandwidth.

    Thank you to all of our supporters; including our amazing users, translators and suggestion makers. Honourable mention to Robert Ward & Fred De Vries who spend countless hours maintaining the CCEnhancer & JavaRa definition files, respectively.

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