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Ultimate List of Uninstallers

Having trouble uninstalling programs from your computer?

Sometimes uninstalling programs can be rather troublesome. Some may even defy the normal uninstall process altogether, while others do seem to work properly but may leave a host of data behind.

The companies themselves surely know about these issues and – instead of creating better programs – they often have made an uninstall tool or cleanup tool to help you do a proper job. The problem is that these specific tools are usually not readily found on the websites of these vendors.

Therefore we have created a series of webpages to list these tools. Just choose the program you want to uninstall or cleanup from the lists below and download the appropriate tool to your desktop. Then double-click the new icon and simply follow the instructions of the program.

Uninstallers Sections

  • List of Security Software uninstallers
  • List of Driver uninstallers
  • List of Pre-Installed Software uninstallers
  • List of Other Software uninstallers
  • Notes:

    [01] This site will be constantly updated. Remember to visit frequently and bookmark this site as one of your favorites.
    [02] ‘Info’ will give you a link to a page that gives you the best information about the ‘Tool’ that you are about to download.
    [03] (non-vendor) indicates that the tool is not created by the vendor that published the program it tries to uninstall.
    [04] Remember that questions about any problem you might experience as a result of using a tool should be directed at the creator of the tool itself. We cannot not accept any responsibility for any damage whatsoever caused by the use of these programs.