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Home Forums CCEnhancer Support Can I Change The Default Download Folder? Reply To: Can I Change The Default Download Folder?

Shane Gowland

Is there any way to configure the default download location?

Yes. Go to Settings -> Portable Locations. That will copy to downloaded .ini file into whatever directory you specify.

winapp2.ini must be downloaded into the same directory as CCEnhancer.exe for security reasons. User Account Control (especially on server OSes), firewalls and antivirus software will often block apps from dropping files into the Program Files directory, where CCleaner typically resides.

Can you configure CCEnhancer so that the .ini file enables the rules by default?

Many of the rules have warnings associated with them, which CCleaner triggers when they are clicked. Defaulting them all to ‘enabled,’ or even providing an option to do so, could be immensely dangerous.

Will you guys consider either making the window resizable

We can make the Window’s maximum size a little larger, sure.