Retiring Remembr

Remembr—our simple Windows clipboard management app—will no longer receive updates, bug fixes, or support. Windows 10 now has a clipboard history tool built-in, so there’s … Read more

Privacy & Advertising at SingularLabs

SingularLabs has used display advertising as a source of revenue for almost a decade. Today we’re announcing that due to the growing success of our … Read more

Bzzt! Image Editor Pro now available

Bzzt! Image Editor Pro is now available to all Pro Club members. The pro edition includes a watermarking tool that can apply your image watermark … Read more

Localization Updates

Usually we update the localization files when we release a new version of an app. Since some of our titles aren’t expected to receive an update for quite a while, we decided to release the language files a little earlier to help out our international users.

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Retiring JavaRa

JavaRa was created because the Java updater did not remove old and obsolete versions of the JRE, leaving security vulnerabilities in place. The latest versions … Read more

Supporting Windows XP

On April the 8th, Microsoft will drop support for Windows XP. Security updates for the platform will cease, increasing its vulnerability to viruses and spyware. Here at SingularLabs; our products will continue supporting Windows XP for some time, but we’re changing the way we test and develop for the platform.

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Announcing System Ninja Pro

Today we’re announcing System Ninja Pro; a commercial edition of System Ninja for more advanced users. We often receive feature requests from computer technicians, network … Read more

System Ninja 2.4.1

System Ninja 2.4.1 is a minor maintenance release that resolves issues found in the previous version. We’ve also added some extra cleaning power and new … Read more