Localization Updates

Usually we update the localization files when we release a new version of an app. Since some of our titles aren’t expected to receive an update for quite a while, we decided to release the language files a little earlier to help out our international users.

– Added Slovak
– Updated German and Spanish

– Added Korean

System Ninja (Will update automatically)
– Updated Simplified Chinese

Huge thank you to our wonderful community of translators, without whom our user base would be half what is it. You guys rock!

5 thoughts on “Localization Updates”

  1. Hello,

    The tooltips for ‘Functions’ -> ‘Delete Custom Rules’ and ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Trim winapp2.ini’ is not translatable. I have translated it in Bulgarian language, but they didn’t appear, they are still in English. Also the title in ‘Settings’ window is not translated. I check the Russian language of course, but it is the same


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