Supporting Windows XP

On April the 8th, Microsoft will drop support for Windows XP. Security updates for the platform will cease, increasing its vulnerability to viruses and spyware. Here at SingularLabs; our products will continue supporting Windows XP for some time, but we’re changing the way we test and develop for the platform.

We will no longer be testing our products on Windows XP systems. We will endeavor to maintain backwards compatibility with Windows XP, but shall rely on our community to report issues to us through the support forum. Identified issues specifically affecting Windows XP users will continue to be corrected, however we will be prioritizing our development efforts on newer Windows platforms.

Some notes:

  • We have an upcoming product that will not support Windows XP.
  • An upcoming System Ninja Pro feature will support Windows XP (and Windows 2000!)
  • System Ninja will soon require the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework instead of 3.5
  • We look forward to continuing to provide great products to Windows XP users for a long time. But equally; we’re looking forward to increasing our efficiency by focusing on newer, more advanced operating systems.

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