Privacy & Advertising at SingularLabs

SingularLabs has used display advertising as a source of revenue for almost a decade. Today we’re announcing that due to the growing success of our Pro Club, we will no longer be displaying ads on our website. We will also continue offering all of our software products completely free from 3rd-party ads.

Furthermore, we’ve worked hard to simplify our privacy policy, which details how we handle data collected by our website, and what is shared with third-party services. In short, no personally identifiable information is collected through normal use of our website or products.

Due to recent privacy concerns affecting one of our competitors, this month we’ve been frequently asked whether our products—specifically System Ninja—collects usage data or runs perpetually in the background. System Ninja does not collect any usage information, nor does it continue running in the background when closed. It will connect to our servers when launched to perform an update check, however this feature can be disabled in settings.

If you would like to support SingularLabs, please consider joining our Pro Club. In addition to funding further software development efforts, you’ll have access to additional software features and priority technical support.

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