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Home Forums Product Support FindStringInDirectory. Search for text in multiple files. Reply To: FindStringInDirectory. Search for text in multiple files.

Chris Hockenberry

This a tool I have been needing for a long time, but the download is not working (The Web Attom site says they are pivoting in a new direction…)! Thee other text tool that has been driving me batty is the ability to search across a directory and replace a whole block of code with another block of code. Sometime I am replacing 1 line of code with three, sometimes I am needing to find three lines of code and replace it with one. None of the IDEs I have used of late can do it effectively 🙁 Macromedia’s Dreamweaver used to be able to do it – then Adobe bought them… Visual Studio, Eclipse, TextMate, Sublime… none could do it when I was checking last.


either way – please fix the link 🙂