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Shane Gowland

Hi, thanks for joining the Pro Club and for taking the time to make these suggestions.

1 .When entering a note it seems you have to click the tiny (x) in the top right for anything to save, is this intentional? A larger save button would be fantastic. (Maybe a save/exit button to save time?)

Having just played around with the tool, I can see that this isn’t very clear and could be very confusing. I’ve made a note to add a save option, or perhaps even save the notes whenever

2. Is it possible to have the notes be saved as the ‘Computer Name’ entered in windows? This would make it much easier to parse the files later when used on multiple machines.

The current format is {windows serial key}{pc name}{username}. Unfortunately changing the naming format of the files would break backwards compatibility for notes created in previous versions of SystemNotes

3. Accessing the notes app takes 3 clicks, I know this is a bit fiddly, but can it be customized to have a click from the ‘optimize’ tab just under the options in the ‘Simple Mode’ view? That would be fantastic for ease of use.

I’ll need to think about this one a little more. Personally I don’t like adding new elements to a user interface unless they’re going to be used by at least 50% of all users. I’m not sure SystemNotes has the widespread usage to warrant its own link from the home screen.

4. Appending the results of the ‘PC Analysis’ tab to the system notes would be next level cool allowing a tech to inventory and take notes on current state in just one click. At that point maybe it would make more sense to export a separate csv titled the same as computername though, hmm. A nice addition to the PC Analysis would be a list of usernames under the ‘Users’ folder for the PC.

I like these ideas. Will look into it.



ps. For a faster response, you can submit your questions through the Priority Support form.