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System ninja freezes when starting.

I have been using your software for a long time.  Last month with the previous version it started to stop working as it got to file 119.  No message about not responding. Bottom says 0 % and 119 files scanned.

I have, for years used simultaneously with CCleaner and Recuva from Piriform, with enhancer.  Due to recent freezing on System Ninja, I tried Bleach Bit and seem to be doing well.

I like system ninja, as it will always bring up additional files to be deleted when I run Recuva.  After browsing on the internet, I want to make sure there are no files or folders, Zip, Gif, Jpg etc,  left over or recoverable from my laptop (which I also use for work).  If I could add something to system ninja it would be to delete files with the DOD or better process (overwrite 3 times or more).

I have used Avast for years and I have never had any issues with previous versions of Systems Ninja.

I have noticed that in the past the blue bar would go all the way to the right as System Ninja scanned. Now it stays black and some of the time it will say 100% scanned.  It never did this before. I have 321 version recently installed to see if it was a software issue.


Windows 10, 64bit Toshiba Satellite