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Thank you so much for helping me figure this out.


My system: I have used for years  Malawarebites, System Ninja, Avast free, Recuva, CCleaner with Enhancer.  I use recuva first to DOD3 delete and overwrite recently deleted files. Then I use CCleaner to DOD3 all browser and all other temp files.  When CC cleaner is on the MFT files I start System Ninja to catch all other files not deleted by CCleaner+ enhanced. After this is done and deleted, I run Recuva deepscan one more time and always get results that seem to show that all previous deletions did not catch some of the files opened in the latest browser excursions.  Leaving behind many gifs, jpg, mp4, zip, etch.  This is why Ninja is so good.  (It would be great if Ninja had a DOD 3 overwrite of the deleted files.

In jan I started to have the Ninja troubles mentioned above.  I tried bleachbit, but Ninja I trust more (I think…)

Virus programs:  I have dissembled the antivirus, Avast and Malawarebites and the problem still persists with Ninja.   Hangs on start at 0% and files scanned 117 or 119.  On ocassion it will say 100% files scanned 119.   and if I wait till the next day sometimes it will complete the cleaning and have a fill blue status bar and thousands of files scanned.  But this is not acceptable to wait one day for the job to be done.


Thank you very much for the help.  (and thank you for adding the new version available button.

Issue: System Ninja hangs while starting.  Click icon for ninja/ click scan for junk/chose to close the browsers (firefox) if it is open/ chose drive c:

Ninja will show 0% on bottom screen until you chose the drive.  Then will climb to files scanned 119 and still be at 0%.   Blue status bar is black.  Blue ring (wait for me ring) circles and no message of ninja not responding.  This will stay this way on file 119 and sometimes, will proceed after multiple hours (next morning) and finish normally.

Debug:  does exactly the same.  except will only go to debug screen with fresh start no other options chose.  Will also hang on 0% files scanned 119 (sometimes 117).