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Hello, Tech staff, at Singular. (I’m a veteran user of  cc cleaner but this issue concerns System Ninja.)

I’ve used System Ninja (free version) safely and happily for years, until one day in the middle  of 2018, it notified me that a new version  was available, and so I downloaded and installed it as usual.

Unfortunately, I  cannot recall which version that was, but I had not had an update in years before downloading that one.

I could not successfully install that download file from your site, and since then have experienced the same issue (described below) with countless clean installation attempts-which have ALL  failed to work correctly.

The EXACT problem centers around the ‘Options’ menu: Where you have the ability to select the preferred initial drive to scan, and then to save the settings.

When I select the drive to show, all drive letters become available, and the blue bar at bottom begins spinning as if the scan is being performed, only there is no data is showing in the left side bar where your results would be- nothing is happening.

And when I click on the drive letter to try to change it, or try to disable the feature, or even stop the program, it stays stuck to where I need to use ‘control/alt/delete’ to bring up the task manager in order to end the program.

At first (before the download) when I scanned files in the ‘C’ drive by default- meaning I never changed the options, everything worked fine-  it just starts scanning when you click ‘scan’, but when you try to go to options and PRE-SELECT THE DRIVE TO SCAN FIRST, AND THEN SAVE YOUR PREFERENCE,  it goes completely wacky with the behavior described above.

I love System Ninja, but can no longer use the free version I’ve come to rely on for years now.


I’m using a Toshiba laptop, Satellite. Model- p75-A7200 with Windows 8 pre-installed.

I have multiple user screens, and I also occasionally connect to an external drive, and sometimes I use the disk drive and USB drives as well. Now I can no longer scan all my drives for malicious files, as I have not encountered another software that does what System Ninja does, or used to do.

PS: This issue occurs on at least three of the previous versions that were released in 18, and 19.

Can you help?

All assistance appreciated,



PS: (I can send a screen shot of what appears on my screen at install, if you request it, though that won’t exactly show an error dialog.)