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Shane Gowland

There’s still no ETA for a bug fix.

Just to give you a bit of background information; the issue is being caused by differences in Windows x86 and x64. Each stores the list of installed programs (and the MSI uninstall string) in a different location in the registry. The Windows registry is pretty cruel; automatically redirecting JavaRa’s registry access to the WOW6486Node (on x64) and throwing the “object reference not found” error when it realises the redirect was an idiot move.

The workaround is pretty simple. Setting the compiler flag to “x86” prevents the redirect from occurring, but makes the x64 registry hives invisible to JavaRa. Compiling against “Any CPU” has the inverse affect.

The logical answer would be to compile two different versions of JavaRa; but obviously this isn’t practical if being run across a network, as many different OS setups could be in use.

We’re currently investigating a workaround method that involves invoking native code, thus circumventing Windows’ annoying registry reparse “feature.”