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raexx, I may be wrong, but if I understand the situation I don’t believe this would work.

Rather, could you provide an x86 compiled version of JavaRa for use on 32-bit windows to remove 32-bit Java, as well as on 64-bit windows to remove 32-bit Java (this being my use case, all 64-bit windows with 32-bit versions of Java installed), and provide a seperate, x64 compiled version, for use on 64-bit machines with 64-bit Java.

It would then be up to the end user to appreciate the intended application of each version and use it accordingly. If I ever happen to have 32 and 64-bit Java on a particular machine, I will simply deploy both versions of JavaRa.

From my perspective this isn’t even remotely an issue, as I, and others who deploy software day in and day out, are familiar with and frankly, accustomed to, deploying 32 and 64-bit versions of the same software.


Does this seem like a reasonable solution?