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Home Forums CCEnhancer Support CCEnhancer doesn’t save the laguage-choice. Reply To: CCEnhancer doesn’t save the laguage-choice.

Shane Gowland

@Shane Gowland
1. can you provide complete english strings list? the problem is that there were some cosmetic changes in CCEhancer strings (for example “Run CCleaner Silently On Completion” to “Run CCleaner silently on completion”) and without actual english string list even existing translations are incomplete in app.
2. hebrew file location in multilang version is outside CCEnhancer folder
3. now when you close 3.0.1 there is a message: “File needs to be createdRussian” (put any lang name instead of Russian).

i’ve did polish translation which can be downloaded here:
i’ve added some strings which are missing from other language files, but even with them bottom menu is still in english. please fix that too.