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Home Forums Product Support JavaRa Support JavaRa 2.0 and command line Reply To: JavaRa 2.0 and command line


Command Switches for JavaRA 2.1.
Does anyone have a list of the command switches for v. 2.1? I am trying to UNINSTALL ALL versions of Java installed on the machine, so i can install the latest nightmare version of Java. I have found some switches that do not work. Currently I am trying JavaRa.exe /UPDATEDEFS /UNINSTALLALL /SILENT but it keeps popping up a confirmation message. I have 12,000 computers to deal with and cannot touch every one.
Has anyone had any luck getting this program to run silently? I have full admin rights on the machine when I run this script:
IF NOT EXIST %TEMP%\JavaRa\JavaRa.exe COPY \\SERVERPATH\java7\uninstaller\javara-2.1\Javara\JavaRa.exe %TEMP%\JavaRa\
IF NOT EXIST %TEMP%\JavaRa\JavaRa.def COPY \\SERVERPATH\java7\uninstaller\javara-2.1\JavaRa\JavaRa.def %TEMP%\JavaRa\
CD %TEMP%\JavaRa
CD ..
RMDIR /Q /S .\JavaRa
Anyone? Bueller?