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I see, thanks that so many points I asked for are already in the pipeline.

5) I did your method of portability and it works fine except that at times the close button does not work. Besides is it possible to have an out of the box solution, as in those similar to PortableApps.

6) Also, the point where I mentioned that of resizing windows…. It does not seem to have happened again. If it does I’ll let you know by sending a video link.

8) [new!] When coding (and thus opening the blue section which contains the colours….), I only have available the Internet Explorer button while Google Chrome and the rest are greyed out. My default browser is Google Chrome. Besides I have had IE uninstalled from the Windows Feature List a long time ago. I tried closing chrome so that maybe I could view the results but still it stayed Greyed Out.

Also I wanted to suggest, just like there is a dialog for inserting colours, can there be something similar which inserts Fonts while coding (just sayin’!).

Thanks again.