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Shane Gowland

Hi! Thank you for your feedback. I’m going to do my best to answer all of your queries:

1: This is the eventual plan; but it’s still quite a long way off.

2: I’ve confirmed this bug and have created a ticket. It should be fixed in the next update.

3: That’s a limitation of Scintilla. It doesn’t allow the native dialogs to be styled. We may add an option to use the MetroTextual dialog instead, but it’s not planned for the next release.

4: Word Wrap currently only works in plain text mode. Looking at getting it fixed shortly.

5: If you copy/paste the MetroTextual installation directory elsewhere (and delete the unins000.dat;.exe files), it will actually work in “portable mode.” It will no longer use LocalAppData or write anything to the registry.

6: I can’t reproduce that one. Have you made any adjustments to your Windows display settings? It’s possible to reduce the margin widths of Windows, which will cause this to happen.

7: Already done. Just waiting to be released.