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Home Forums Product Support Notepad.NET – A visually appealing Windows Notepad replacement Reply To: Notepad.NET – A visually appealing Windows Notepad replacement


Hey I really like you did a great notepad mod. It looks cool and has possibilities. I use notepad like a dozen times every hour. It deserves attention.

What I don’t like of it is it sometimes saves with the fixed width adjustment.
That you can’t use colors.
Undo is limited to one step only.
When you lose focus, and go back to notepad, it goes to where your highlighted text is, and not where you left your vertical right bar at.

With the above in mind, here are my suggestions:
-Hotkey for replace
-”Find Next, Replace, Replace All” buttons
·Or/and replace within selection (highlighted text)
-Also font and font size, possibly with ability with bold, cursive and colors.
·Also ability for monospaced font
-Some bug when hit Open icon, cancel the Open window, the cursor stays as loading at some parts of notepad.net
-Ability to drag&drop
-more undo steps, and add redo also.
-Faster loading (it’s slower than notepad)

Keep on!