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Home Forums Product Support ProcessAlive – Automatically restart crashed programs Reply To: ProcessAlive – Automatically restart crashed programs


First off ~~Great Program~~ Had our devs’ working on a Sevice but no need anymore cause you guys ROCK~!

I am in the process of converting all our old Dell Boxes to work as Thin Stations.
This program was the last peace of the puzzle(or so I had hoped).
Is there anyway to set the program to not only start ,but run with the pre-configured
settings. For example* It is set to start on windows start up and the list/program has been saved (Path the the Thin Client APP) However when I do not have Explorer.exe set as the shell it does not start Automatically.
So the way i chose to get around that is to run it as a Task via Task scheduler.
but this simply opens the Program and doesn’t start.

So, to re-clarify my question: Is there a way to configure the program (maybe that .INI file) to start the “Keep these programs alive…” thingumabob

Thanks for your time,