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Home Forums Product Support ProcessAlive – Automatically restart crashed programs Reply To: ProcessAlive – Automatically restart crashed programs


Hello Shane,
Thanks for your reply and the initiative in releasing an update.. But I seem to find some strange ‘bug’s.
1. “Minimize to tray on close” occurs only when it is monitoring one or more program. When its not monitoring clicking on ‘X’ button closes it completely.
2. I cannot seem to close the software by clicking on the right click tray menu “Exit ProcessAlive” when it is monitoring an application (do note that no monitoring no tray icon as I said before). “Exit ProcessAlive” seem to be working when the interface is shown; it hides the interface by clicking on that menu (but tray icon/software remains running).
3. So, unless you stop monitoring you cannot close ProcessAlive unless you force close it from Task Manager.
4. For the first time “Save to list” works & creates process_list.ini (in the same folder as the application) only if you add an application to the list, monitor it and then close monitoring and then exit the application. But if you add an application to the list and them exit the application it cannot save that list first time. But once the process_list.ini has been created it works as expected.

See the demo video for an illustration of some of the problems I described.