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Home Forums CCEnhancer Support suggestion/request: folders to add to the list Reply To: suggestion/request: folders to add to the list

I’d suggest a few folders to be added to the list.

Nvidia temporary instalation files, found in 2 folders:
C:\NVIDIA (all files, sub folders and actual folder itself)
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Installer2\ (any files and subfolders)

Are you crazy man? This line shouldn’t be touched in any way(C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Installer2\), if you want to uninstall seamlessly you Nvidia driver. Yesterday I updated my version of Ccleaner to 3.25.1872. After that I Directly download the winapp2.ini file from here and put it in Ccleaner folder. When Ccleaner tell me about 500 MB Nvidia files will be deleted I was doubted but went forward. Everythings work fine but thanks to you now I can not uninstall my last Nvidia driver(310.61) including Physx,3D Vision Driver, Graphics Driver, 3D Vision Controller Driver. Before read anything somewhere just test it..God Damn! Now my system is screwed up because someone has not done his job properly. I blindly trusted to you and the ccenhancer team. This is shame. Please Fix this misunderstanding and before add something new, just test it on your sytem. It’s simple. Also the .ini version(v1.0.121112) provided for direct download for official ccenhancer site is differ from .ini version(v1.0.121126) that comes from CCenhancer latest download…pay attention. Sorry for my “english”.