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Am I missing anything important? (changelog, version gap)

Home Forums CCEnhancer Support Am I missing anything important? (changelog, version gap)

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    Shane Gowland

    Seeing as how CCleaner and CCEnhancer are both in a shared folder on dropbox for friends and family, I wanted to know if I was really missing anything in the newer versions (reason below)!

    I currently have “CCEnhancer_v2.5.1” in my dropbox thats shared with others, its the last version I know of that detected and downloaded the winapp2.ini to my CCleaner folder (and anyone else who I have my dropbox shared with) properly, and didnt/doesnt leave behind a config.ini or cause dropbox to cycle/use up my “history” of dropbox sync’s.

    I tried the new v3.3, and while it does transfer the file to my CCleaner directory properly, it does it only after transferring it to the folder where the CCEnhancer currently resides (and the UI shows the .exe’s current location as the “download to” location instead of the CCleaner install folder, unlike the older version), and leaves a cc_config.ini file behind.

    So, again, am I missing any important updates? Or am I doomed to stay on this version because of the way it “works properly” for me?


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    Shane Gowland

    You don’t need to switch; this version will continue to be just fine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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