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ProcessAlive – Automatically restart crashed programs

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    Shane Gowland

    [quote quote=11581]Great tool, just one problem. how do i make it stop!



    I just fixed an issue where the pressing stop button wasn’t being detected. Please re-download.


    Hi Shane, brilliant little program. Is it possible to have the process while running in the taskbar when you hover your mouse over it to display the program file name rather than the ‘process_alive’ name. The reason is i run 7 (seven) of process alive at anyone time (each has a different file name) and it would be great if the actual file was displayed on mouse over. Instead of having to choose the ‘open interface’ option to see what database it actually it is running? Thanks

    Shane Gowland

    I suppose that could be done quite easily. Stay tuned.

    Shane Gowland

    Shaun, I’ve made your requested change in 0.9.1 available for download in the first post.


    Shane, this is a very neat piece of software, well done!

    I have questions…. I run game instances and I launch them with the same exe, but with separate command line arguments, the exes are compiled adobe flash/flex apps. I would like to potentially use this to keep them alive, was wondering if there was a way I could do this…. One problem is sometimes the app crashes, and the exe will still be active in processes, but its memory use will stay completely constant for over a minute.

    Ari Situmorang

    Thank you for processalive 0.9.1. It is working on win 10 x64. But I add shortcut with /auto to startup so it can auto monitoring. “Start with windows” checklist not auto monitoring when I restart PC. Overall it is work like a charm.

    Olukunle Ojo


    Is it possible to use your application without having to click on the button “keep Programs Running”, put differently, keep programs running automatically runs when you launch processalive?

    Shane Gowland

    Hi Olukunle Ojo,

    You’ll need to look into the commandline options; see first page. You might run into some problems as this tool needs an update for Windows 10.


    Hi,for me it wont work under windows server 2012, netframework 3.5 is installed, the programm run but cannot restart the crashed/closed aplication, it work perfect for my windows7 and 10…..anyone got it working for windows server 2012 r2  ?

    De Angel Net

    Can I keep processalive autorun when somebody endtask  or stop monitoring it?

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 92 total)
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