Remembr Documentation


What is Remembr?
Remembr is a Windows program that records everything you add to your system clipboard. The Windows clipboard can only hold one item a time, so it’s very easy to accidentally overwrite important bits of information that you copies. With Remembr, you never need to worry about this again.

System Requirements
Remembr requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed. Remembr officially supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Earlier versions may work but are considered unsupported.


Searching clips
The search tool quickly highlights all clips that contain a specified word or phrase.

By default, closing Remembr with the ‘X’ in the top-right corner will minimize the program to the system tray. To completely close Remembr, you must click the Quit button just below ‘X’, or select Exit from the context menu in the system tray.


Remembr is crashing on launch
There are three common reasons why Remembr might crash:
1. Your computer does not meet Remembr’s minimum system requirements.
2. Your firewall or antivirus program is interfering.
3. Some of Remembr’s files could be missing. Try re-installing the program.

Remembr is being flagged by my firewall or security software
Remembr sits silently in the background and records information while you use your computer, so it’s no surprise that it occasionally gets flagged as spyware. These are false positives — Remembr contains no malware, spyware, adware, toolbars, or any other potentially unwanted software.

‘Start With Windows’ not working
You can manually configure programs to start with Windows using the Task Scheduler or Windows Startup folder. A Google search will be able to find instructions specific to your version of Windows.

Advanced Features

Portable Remembr
Although we don’t provide a portable edition of Remembr, it’s possible to roll your own. You will need to install Remembr once and then move Remembr.exe (and any required localizations) from C:\Program Files (x86)\ to wherever you wish to store the portable version.

To prevent Remembr from writing to Windows’ temporary file locations, create a file called “remembr_settings.conf” in the same directory as Remembr.exe. This local file will be used to store settings instead of AppData\Local

You can prevent Remembr from checking for updates or automatically updating (for Pro users) by adding “UpdateCheck=False” to the local “remembr_settings.conf” file.