Hello, World.

SingularLabs creates useful software for Microsoft Windows. Our popular freeware titles; System Ninja, JavaRa and CCEnhancer will keep your computer at optimum performance. We also have a free support forum and knowledgebase for fixing issues with your Windows PC.

If you find any problems with our new site; don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why the new site?

We felt that the name ‘The Web Atom‘ did not adequately reflect the direction the site was taking. This new website provides the functionality we need for our future plans.

6 thoughts on “Hello, World.”

  1. Hi, Shane/Fred,

    We were wondering what you guys have been up to for the past 3 months!

    Nice job on the new site! Some comments:

    1) Be sure to trademark your new brand name. Very important.

    2) Please add dates to news items and release dates to download pages.

    3) We could do without the floating (left right) hyperlinks; distracting.

    4) The Singular site is a bit herky/jerky (annoying lags) on IE8, although this behavior might result from interaction with Google Chrome Frame (many bugs). Will test on a non-CF machine. Snappy performance with FF v8.x.

    5) Would like to see you better integrate the link to the Freeware Blog. Relying on a random display ad for access restricts traffic. While limited in depth/entries, you’ve done a fine job with this blog and visits should be encouraged.

    6) Would be helpful if you developed a dated, global chron listing of new additions to the Uninstallers resource data base. This is an important project; enhancements will pay off.

    7) What’s the story with PureRa? You and Fred should promote/integrate this utility at Singular. It’s really excellent but not well known.

    With best wishes.


    • 1) Working on it.
      2) News dates are already available at the top right-hand side of the post. Release dates is a good idea, I’ll add them shortly.
      3) The majority of people I asked had very strong opinions of the moving hyperlinks – about half loved them, the other half hated them. For the time being, I’m going to keep them.
      4) I’ll try to reproduce, however this could take some time. I don’t have access to a computer with IE8 or older installed.
      5) I want to keep SingularLabs and my personal web properties separate altogether.
      6) Thanks for the suggestion, this will be added shortly.
      7) Everything that PureRa could clean will progressively become available in System Ninja. There is little point maintaining two separate cleaning programs: I would much prefer to consolidate them.

    • New CCEnhancer definitions have been released weekly for the past few months. Development on the CCEnhancer program has been put on temporary hold while we work on other cool stuff.

  2. Oh am so sorry . I just checked the version number (after i updated ) in the .ini file . The version number had changed . Didn’t know that the ” definitions ” are updated . I thought you followed the same method of updating like CCleaner ( we need to update the whole program , not just the definitions )


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