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Stephen Perrone

I think Windows Defender glitched due to my high rate of activity while running System Ninja (btw, I don’t use the option to include other files in its junk scan).

It quarantined System Ninja and said it did that because it detected “Trojan:Win32/Codinx.B!cl”.!cl&threatid=2147709212&enterprise=0

I always update using the check for update feature within System Ninja. Which is say I download from this site. Windows Defender wouldn’t let me restore it or even look at it so I couldn’t submit System Ninja.exe to another scan or submit it elsewhere. Now that I think of it, Microsoft might want to rethink that policy.

Anyway, I told Defender to delete the file, that was allowed, and reinstalled System Ninja using a fresh download. Sadly I had already deleted the earlier download so I can’t scan that. Though you have to wonder why Windows Defender suddenly took issue with System Ninja? Well, I allow Windows Defender to “talk” to Microsoft by giving feedback so hopefully they’ll eventually see that the trigger on Windows Defender kicks in incorrectly with System Ninja. I do Full scans fairly regularly and quick scans every day.

I’m assuming this is a Defender glitch as the quarantine happened right after using System Ninja. It would be wild to imagine that some virus had got into my system and went after System Ninja.

Just a heads-up so in case someone else reports the same thing you’ll have more info to present to Microsoft. I just now thought of doing another run with System Ninja but I better post this first.