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Shane Gowland

Earlier I received the following response from Microsoft:

New definition library for Microsoft Anti-Malware has been updated. We believe this new definition library contains the updates necessary to resolve your question in regards to Microsoft Anti-Malware.

New definition library is now available for users who subscribe to the automatic definition update mechanism, as well as users who choose to manually update their definition library.

We encourage you to try these new definitions and ensure your inquiry has been resolved. If your machine has not been updated with this version of definitions you can download and install the definitions manually following these steps:

• Go to
• Download the corresponding definitions (32 bit or 64 bit based on your operating system)
• Run the downloaded file to install the new definitions

If you are continuing to receive a detection in any Microsoft security product, please remove the files from quarantine and place them into a zip file. Kindly upload them to an online filesharing website and respond here with a download link to the detected files and the name of the malware detected.


Shane Gowland