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Home Forums Product Support Remembr Support Please provide a stealth-portable version. Reply To: Please provide a stealth-portable version.

Shane Gowland

Alright, since I’m reasonably satisfied you’re not trying to use Remembr maliciously; I’ll address your requests individually.

1: You can start Remembr minimized using the (undocumented) /AUTO commandline argument.
2: There is supposed to be an option to disable the update check. This is an oversight and will be remedied.
3: Not convinced of the usefulness of this feature.
4: There is a plan to add a miniature version of Remembr that appears in the bottom-right corner on the single click, which is why the main UI only shows on a double click.

Regarding the app’s stealth capabilities, if you take Remembr.exe from the \%Program Files%\Remembr\ and don’t change any of the default settings, it will run as a portable app and won’t create any configuration files in AppData. The ability to load a config file from the working directory will be added.

We’re not going to offer a portable version for download, but I’m happy to make it easier for users to essentially roll their own.