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Please provide a stealth-portable version.

Home Forums Product Support Remembr Support Please provide a stealth-portable version.

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    G B R

    Please provide a stealth-portable version of Remembr.

    See : What makes an application “stealth”?  Here : https://www.portablefreeware.com/faq.php

    Also please :

    • provide a option to start minimized.
    • option to not access the net on start-up.
    • copy to clipboard on double-click (right now the user has to click Copy).
    • Show Remembr on single left click of tray icon.



    #12863 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    It sounds like you’re asking us to create spyware. That’s not going to happen.

    #12864 Reply
    G B R

    No, please check the site : https://www.portablefreeware.com

    There are many programs that are stealth portable. Read the FAQ (link in OP) properly.

    Frankly, I’m really surprised at your ‘spyware’ comment.

    #12865 Reply
    G B R

    From the FAQ mentioned in the OP :

    For the purpose for this website, “stealth” means when an application is launched, used and terminated properly, it does not leave behind any entries in the registry or filesystem. Certain exceptions are permitted. For example, registry entries that are created/updated by Windows for the application (eg. MRU entries for dialog boxes, DirectX entries for DirectX-based apps), or temp files created in the official “Temp” folders are not taken into consideration. Note: “Stealth” does not mean non-traceability! In fact, it is quite unlikely you can hide your activities on a Windows machine from a capable system administrator.

    #12866 Reply
    G B R
    #12867 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    I understand what a stealth portable application is.

    But starting minimized (to avoid visual detection) while also not connecting to the internet (to avoid firewall detection), while it sits silently in the background recording the user’s data, seems mightily suspicious.

    #12868 Reply
    G B R

    Starting minimized : I meant minimize to system tray and not show the ‘main’ Remembr window on startup. Most clipboard managers allow that.

    Not connecting to internet on startup : This can be a option. Right now every time Remembr starts the user gets a firewall popup. Many users may not like that. Plus some users do not like programs accessing the net when there is no need to. Most programs have a option whether to ‘check for updates’.

    Some clipboard managers with the features I requested :



    The first clipboard manager I used long long ago was Yankee Clipper, even that had the features I requested.

    #12870 Reply

    FYI, my favorite clipboard manager has a version that is both portable and stealth.

    Check http://clipdiary.com/



    #12871 Reply

    Hey I’m a mod over at portable freeware … maybe I can help out with a little background:

    Ultimately portable software is more broadly a response to behavior by good software on many platforms throwing information, settings and other garbage all over the computer.   (Android is maybe the worst at this but Windows is guilty too.)  Over time that wastes space, slows down the computer, and is a privacy concern because you’re not in control of your own data.  That means unless you encrypt the *entire* hard drive, you can’t be sure what someone who finds the drive will know about you.

    By this reasoning, to call something “stealth” isn’t about subterfuge — it’s about not throwing junk all over the drive.  I’m actually wondering if we picked the wrong word; I thought about calling it “registry green” for a long time now, but I got stuck on the fact that it’s about more than just the registry.

    Generally speaking, being self-contained and keeping most changes to the local machine restricted to the local folder means *better* portability, which is why “stealth” or “registry green” status is ideal.  Programs are *less* portable when they write to the registry, AppData, ProgramData, C:\WINDOWS etc.

    Thanks for reading all that.  I hope that helps.


    #12873 Reply
    G B R

    ^ Thanks. Wf.

    Also, I would like to thank the dev for (at least) replying/responding.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)
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