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Poppa Mintin

Still trying to find an answer to my problem.

Usually when I start Junk Scanner, I’m offered a choice of which drives to scan, and usually I choose just C:\ and click Scan, today out of curiosity I chose D:\ and clicked Scan…  Junk Scanner worked correctly, finding and deleting over a gigabyte of junk !

Then I tried scanning C:\again and the application failed in the usual way.  I tried de-selecting all but ‘Temporary’ files and tried again, and sadly the application failed again.  I then tried de-selecting just ‘Temporary’ files, and again the application failed.

Logically there must be something somewhere ‘Protecting’ the C:\drive…  I’m not keen on the idea of closing my AV program to test that, and anyway, why would that protect the C:\ drive but not the D:\ ?