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Thanks for your reply, Shane…

I had not heard of the firewall exception required (‘content.thewebatom.net’), but adding it (both IN & OUT) had no observable effect. Actually, the problem is not lack of access, the problem is the extremely long delay (up to a full minute) occurring before the action was commenced. With older versions, the download was virtually immediate.

We are still wondering about our second inquiry, as follows: “Also, NO version of CCE has ever worked properly with the ‘Run CCleaner silently upon completion’ option checked…. We have verified this on many systems.”.

FYI, your reply looks a little jumbled (using Outlook 2010 with HTML on). Here’s what it looks like: “Have you added the necessary firewall exceptions for ‘content.thewebatom.net?’ Most file mirror websites store copies of previous versions of CCEnhancer. Just do a search for the one you are looking for – 2.5.1 is your best bet”. For example, the meaning of the phrase “‘content.thewebatom.net?&#8217” is not clear to us.

Anyway, thanks again for your assistance and your great program… WWR