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Also, I think I may have forgotten to mention, I changed the project to do text comparison, instead of binary comparison, if you do that, I don’t think you’ll need the toupper method for case insensitivity. Binary comparison forces the need for that, and it is not true case insensitivity. It will allow /test, and /TEST but not /Test, or /tEsT, you follow me? However, I’m not sure if you are using binary comparison on purpose, or because it is the default.

If you go to the project properties and click the compile tab, there is the global option compare directive that you can set to text.

Optionally you can just do and option compare at the top of the page you want to be case insensitive. (sort of like an option explicit)

[code title=”example”]

you probably already knew this though, and I just don’t follow what you meant. Wouldn’t be the first time.