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Hi Shane, when pushing a script it is run as the system account on windows 7 in most cases, which is not subject to UAC’s incessant nagging. Locally it is, though. This can be gotten around by an admin who knows what they are doing. If they just log in as an admin, and “run as administrator” it will work.

I have made a change to the code which allows me to push it out via an SMS script.
It was literally a minor change to two lines of code so that I could pass your stay_silent variable, and 4 more lines of code to see if it was true, and change the uninstall string if it was. That includes the comment..

I can either send you the project, or tell you what I did if you are interested.

Nothing major, obviously. And I know it doesn’t address the UAC issue fully, but it serves my needs ok.