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Home Forums Product Support JavaRa Support Version 2.0 Stable Reply To: Version 2.0 Stable

Shane Gowland

Using the option Remove JRE, at 3rd step, when I ask to download new version, it instals jre 6.026 and not the last one, why?

JavaRa downloads whatever file is listed as “/latestversion/” on the Oracle website. I have no idea why Oracle haven’t updated this; but we’ll get it fixed.

@Dan; have you tried using 1.16? Sometimes Windows allows JavaRa 1.16 to remove entries that JavaRa 2.0 isn’t permitted to access. I (or anyone I’ve spoken to) has absolutely no idea why this is the case. I suspect Windows is powered by witchcraft.

If that doesn’t work; give Revo Uninstaller a shot.