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    Dennis Nelson

    I downloaded and installed System Ninja, and as a totally blind computer user, I can access the Scan For Junk Button, and my screen reading software, and a sighted friend verified that other things exist on the screen, but I can only scan for, and delete junk.  I can’t access anything like options, settings, etc.  By all rights, I should remove the program from my computer, and just call it an inaccessible program for blind people, but I like the job it does removing junk.  I’d just like to be able to have more control over the program.  I have tried using several screen readers.  JAWS For Windows, available from, Narrator, which comes with Windows, and NVDA from  None of these screen readers give me access to the program.  I’m hoping this is something that can possibly be looked into.


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    Shane Gowland

    Hello Dennis,

    Making our programs more accessible has been a long-time goal and we’re making small (but important) gains with each new release. System Ninja is the most difficult to adapt, because the user interface components used were developed by a third party.

    As you noticed, the core functionality of the program (removing junk files) is largely accessible. With limited development resources, I can’t guarantee that every feature will soon be perfectly accessible – but we are aiming to do a lot better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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