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Bug found

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    Hello Shane and people,

    I found one bug in SystemNinja that you can fix to next version. The bug is the following:

    When you click in “Scan for Junk”, and don’t select any hard disk and click in “continue”, the SystemNinja will scan. Do you already knew this bug?

    Fernando P.

    #4751 Reply

    Yep, it already was. #post-3723
    But thx

    Windows 10 Insider Preview, x64

    #5225 Reply

    I also discovered a bug in system ninja v2.3.4 which messed up the dotNET4 client files (corrupted) after cleaning junk files.

    I reinstall the dotNET4 client, all files returned back to normal, but when I re-clean the junk files, the dotNET4 client files get corrupted again.

    This does not apply to system ninja v2.3.3 though (clean).

    Thanks and regards.

    #5229 Reply

    how you detect corrupted .Net file?

    #5235 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    I can’t reproduce this behaviour. Would you be able to list the files/directories that this is affecting?

    The only .NET location targeted by System Ninja are:

    #5267 Reply

    Before scanning using SystemNinja v2.3.4 I backup the system registry using windows7Manager v4.0.7 also check the installed apps integrity via Windows Uninstall & Your Unistaller! Pro v7.4.2012.05 to see if all are ok then I clean the junk files then recheck the installed apps via the above utility and discovered the dotNET4 are corrupted then I tried to repair the dotNET4 to its original status via dotNET4 reinstall process, the problem persist.

    However, a complete uninstall & reinstall of dotNET4 cure the problem.

    Thnks & Regards.

    #5292 Reply

    deleting microsoft.NET cache will make repair and uninstall for .net4 not working

    see here

    Aaron Stebner’s WebLog

    #5294 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    Vjcobra & David. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    If you have CleanSync enabled; the offending cleaning rule will automatically be removed the next time you run System Ninja.

    If you prefer manual removal, the cleaning rule is located at %programfiles%\System Ninja\scripts\microsoftnet.ninjascript

    Apologies for any trouble. If anyone needs help repairing their .NET install, feel free to email me from the contact page.

    #5351 Reply

    Shane Gowland

    Thanks for the excellent support and all the best plus kind regards to you ans all the staffs.

    #5950 Reply

    System Ninja 2.3.5

    SHA-1 and SHA-256 aren’t correctly calculated.
    In GetPlugins all descriptions identical.
    If install Registry Cleaner through GetPlugins plugin not work. If downloaded manually it work.

    Windows 10 Insider Preview, x64

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 85 total)
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