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    HELP !


    In over zealous use of system ninja deleted files from a large storage accidentally struggling to recover them , what is the best method for this files contain important personal info PLEASE HELP ASAP! all the folders appear to be intact and osme odd files it doidn’t touch several giga bytes of data from 2017 to 2018 all sorted ideally to get thme back into original folders can this be done ? a miracle is needed

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    Shane Gowland

    Hi Richard,

    I tried to respond to this yesterday, but the email address you gave didn’t work.

    What was the folder you deleted this files from? System Ninja will not remove files from important directories unless specifically instructed to.

    You may need to use a file recovery tool like Recuva to get the deleted files back.



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    Thanks Shane


    Going slowly mad a problem I didnm’t need


    it is a 1 TB storage parttiton drived , it is a newish drive so no problems there , have been using this method for over 2 years worked fine all the old folders are intact it just looks as though somehow alot of the files have dissapeared what other reason could account for this recuva seems to find alot but alot are random files so this ends in a mess , no recovery to old version no avail;able tried this , is there a relatively simple solution i am missing , a data recover scan did show them up but it was a paid version and didn’t let me dod anything alos using ashampoo system cleaner and Cleaner but usually these do very little and stay with them on the C Drive I have my OS , I usually collect files on desktop and migrate them to 1TB for storage .


    The screen shot is of the folders when i click on each folder one or two files how up where there were hundreds before


    Any help at tracking a solution down would be great

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    Shane Gowland

    What are the file extensions of the deleted files? Unless they were .tmp, and you specifically targeted this directory, System Ninja would not have touched them.

    A deep scan with Recuva is probably the most effective way to recover any files. There’s really no simple solution to restoring your files unless you have a backup elsewhere.

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    I think I must have done that .

    did see this file direct i’d incluede have excluded it now but too late .

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