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Italian Language

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  • #3423 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    Well…but where is italian language in 3.01 version ???

    #3424 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    You are welcome to contribute Italian.

    #3425 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    Thanks for your answer…send me any notice how to contribute for Italian Translation…

    #3429 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    Use the French “lang.*.locale” file as a template and replace the French words with Italian. Make sure you rename the file to “lang.Italiano.locale” or it won’t work.

    #3522 Reply
    Shane Gowland


    Try it.

    Only 7 days to download it before automatic deletion.

    Italian translation

    #3617 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    As I didn’t notice that logan had already uploaded an Italian translation, I made one by myself.
    I uploaded it anyway; I’d be glad if you could include it in CCEnhancer.
    Here it is:

    #3618 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    Sorry: the link wasn’t shown in the previous post. 🙄
    Here it is again: lang.Italian.locale

    #3619 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    Thanks. I’ll do some comparisons and hopefully include bits of both.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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