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JavaRa deploy and run via GPO

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    Is this still not possible?

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    I’m looking for the same information. Is this possible to do with JavaRa?

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    of course, I use it in a shutdown script.
    silent options are available too

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    No.. The silent option is not truly silent. It requires user interaction, and if deployed in a script and nobody is there to answer yes, it will not run. I don’t know what HorNet505 has discovered, but I’m using version 2.1 on a windows 7 box and running /UNINSTALLALL /SILENT does not work in that scenario.

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    Shane Gowland

    The inability to use ‘/UNINSTALLALL’ and ‘/SILENT’ in tandem is mentioned in the documentation:

    The supported commandline arguments are:
    /SILENT – Hides the graphical user interface and suppresses all dialog messages and error reports.
    /PURGE – Removes all JRE related registry keys, files and directories.
    /CLEAN – Removes only JRE registry keys from previous version.
    /UNINSTALLALL – Run the built-in uninstaller for all versions of JRE detected. Does not support the /SILENT argument at this time.
    /UPDATEDEFS – Downloads a new copy of the JavaRa definitions, without a version comparison.

    Use your network administration tools to perform the uninstall and then use the ‘/PURGE’ argument to do the rest.

    Of course, we’ll certainly try to work around this restriction in the future.

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    Thanks for providing the code so that I could fix this for my personal use. I have tested it in small deployments and it works great.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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