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JavaRa messed up my system! :(

Home Forums Product Support JavaRa Support JavaRa messed up my system! :(

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    Unfortunately, my first experience with JavaRa is very disappointing…

    Last week I tried JavaRa (latest edition 2.3) for the first time, but now I am stuck with a non working Java and I cannot seem to fix it! 🙁 🙁

    Here is the situation:

    I had a perfectly working Java JRE 1.7_b40 running on my system (Windows 7, complete updated and patched). I downloaded JavaRa clicked on “Update JRE”, and it started doing some actions. Afterwards, I noticed JavaRa installed a Java 1.6 build 26 on my system! 🙁 ;-(

    which of course is not the edition I would like have.

    But now the worst thing of all is, this 1.6 version is not working on my system, and I cannot update it to the latest (1.7 build 40). So this is very bad situation!

    When I download the java installer from java.com and run it, it gives me the messages that there is already a Java version installed, and I have the option to re-install (Y)es or (n)o. When clicking No nothing happens, and when clicking Yes the installation is started but after a couple seconds I get the message “This operation is only valid for installed programs”, which results in ending the installation procedure…

    So, now I am stuck with an outdated Java version, it doesn’t work, and I cannot update it.

    I sure need help to fix this issue… Have tried several uninstall tools, but nothing works.. cannot re-install the latest Java version manually and also the updating / removing of the current installed (corrupt) version of Java (1.6 build 26), with JavaRa leads to no result…

    Question is.. what is the best procedure to fix all this? I just want an updated working Java 1.7 build 40 on my system… Please advice.


    #9095 Reply

    Use Advanced Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller + JavaRa (Remove Java Runtime -> Next -> Perform Removal Routine) + manual cleaning of the remaining elements in the system. Then install the required version of the JRE.

    p.s. Before version 1.7_b40 you had a different version?

    Windows 10 Insider Preview, x64

    #9096 Reply

    Tried Revo Uninstaller : did not solve the issue.

    However, what I did was download and install the original JavaSetup7u40.exe from java.com using another userId.
    This resulted in a nice clean install of Java 🙂 🙂
    So, the solution was in this case use another userID (Windows 7);

    #9097 Reply

    Repeat your steps. There is a problem with the identify of the latest version of JRE. On this my problems ended. Removed 1.6 through the Control Panel windows. Install minecraft — works, launched JRE settings in the control panel — works. In About version is 1.7.

    We will think about your problem.

    Windows 10 Insider Preview, x64

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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