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    Message: Informational: Web Designer/Sales Manager

    This is information for your Web Designer/Sales Manager. Why you apparently need to be a Pro Club member to see any the special offers on your website, this I believe may be a malfunction on the page, the error you recieve is that you must be registered to see this offer. I did as requested and registered to no avail. I surmised in this in my 2nd sentence that you need to have a Pro Club membership if this is the case specificity is paramount.

    Sales Question:

    Then when going to purchase a membership it eludes to different levels of memberships available and I’m not sure if there are other types of Pro Club memberships available? Below is a copy of thee text from your website, it says choose but there are no options other than $14.95/yr what a bargain for any small, medium, large right up to an enterprise size company. :~)

    Join Now

    Choose your subscription level

    Shane Gowland

    Hi, yes, that’s right. A Pro Club membership is required to see the special offer. The current offer is a free month of web hosting, in case you were wondering.

    There is only one public subscription level (there’s also hidden levels for our translators and beta testers) and it’s valid for businesses of any size, as per the terms of service page.


    Hola en español.

    quisiera saber como se cambia la contraseña gracias.

    Y quiero instalar ninja pro


    Al estar conectado en tu cuenta de SingularLabs debes presionar sobre el vínculo asociado a tu nombre ( en la parte superior derecha de la ventana (en color anaranjado). Al ingresar al vínculo en la parte izquierda de la ventana aparece el recuadro para una fotografía y bajo de él se encuentran algunas opciones, en las cuales está “Edit”. Dentro de esta opción está lo que buscas, en el ítem “ACCOUNT”.

    Con respecto a NinjaPro, se te ofrece la posibilidad de ingresar como miembro de Pro Club y ahí tendrás la posibilidad de acceder al software.

    Espero que te sirva el dato. Saludos.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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