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Just double checking before using javara

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    I have winvista sp1, and netframework 3.5.

    I don’t use java any longer, but from having it on my system in the past, I see java deployment toolkit in my plugins, disabled thankfully by firefox. I would like to use Javara to remove that and anything else that might still be around from java.

    I saw on the forum to use version 2.0 beta 3 to remove the deployment toolkit.

    Javara won’t automatically download the latest version of jre, will it? In the documentation it said that it does that. I only want it to remove.

    Also, when Javara is finished, can I just delete it, or do I have to uninstall it.

    This probably won’t matter, but I just want to mention that some other files of java’s jre) that were on my system, were probably removed by a malware cleaner program long ago. That won’t be a problem when running JavaRa will it?

    Thanks so much for the software and the help!

    Shane Gowland

    Use JavaRa 2.0 and follow the “Remove JRE” wizard. When you get to the final step (which is download JRE) it will give you the option of skipping it.

    And to answer your second question; JavaRa won’t care if any JRE bits are removed.


    Thank so much Shane for your reply!


    I just used the uninstaller, but it seems buggy. It didn’t remove the java deployment toolkit in plugins. I used the JavaRa ver 2.0 beta 3. I deleted the program and downloaded a 2nd time and ran again. Some of the buttons don’t work on the program for me, and when is removing, I will get a pop up saying removed, but the green bar keeps pulsing. When I updated the definitions, it doesn’t stop running, or give a message that it’s done.

    It did show it removed jre 6 and 7. Is there a manual way for me to remove that jdk or should I just leave it alone.


    Shane Gowland

    Depending on your browser; there is a fair chance that the JDK is locked from removal and JavaRa isn’t allowed to touch it. You will need to manually remove it. The steps to do that depend on your browser.

    And yup; the updater is still a bit faulty. Something that will certainly be addressed before the stable release.


    Thank you so much Shane for your help! I’m so glad it got rid of two files for me. Take care! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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