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Known issues in System Ninja 4.0 beta

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    Shane Gowland

    We had a huge spam influx on the support. In the process of cleaning this up, I accidentally deleted a few months worth of legitimate forum posts. As such, numerous bug reports for System Ninja 4.0 were deleted.

    I’m listing them here instead:
    – High DPI scaling does work correctly on the Drive Selector dialog
    – The simplified UI is breaking the HighDPI compatibility when the switching toggle is clicked.
    – The simplified UI needs to better handle significant size increases in text strings caused by translations
    – System Ninja attempts to delete its own logs, while writing to those logs. It doesn’t crash or anything, but it’s a bit silly…
    – System Ninja is breaking some extensions on Microsoft Edge
    – Long filenames in the hard-coded cleaning routines can cause scanning to get stuck at 99%
    – Classic UI checkboxes are too small and poorly positioned in high DPI mode
    – Unconfirmed reports that System Ninja is removing tampermonkey scripts in Google Chrome. Might be affecting 3.x as well.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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