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locked out

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This topic contains 10 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by  Shane Gowland 5 years, 2 months ago.

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    Good time of day.
    In Russia blocked the access page http://content.thewebatom.net/files/winapp2.ini is it possible to make the program CCEnhancer to make direct access to http://www.winapp2.com/Winapp2.ini or to incorporate into the program bypassing IP

    thanks in advance

    #9881 Reply

    Shane Gowland

    @phobos, can you confirm this?

    Unfortunately we cannot link directly to winapp2.com, as it would cause excessive load on their server.

    It’s likely that an IP address belonging to our DNS provider has been blocked, in which case it will be possible to resolve this without issuing a program update.

    #9882 Reply


    Yeah, do not have access. Great Russian firewall in action.

    Windows XP SP3, x86; Windows 7, x64; Windows 10, x64

    #9883 Reply

    Blocked by Federal Drug Control Service of Russia.

    Windows XP SP3, x86; Windows 7, x64; Windows 10, x64

    #9884 Reply

    Shane Gowland

    Yup, that IP address belongs to CloudFlare; our DNS provider. The Russian government has blocked roughly 60,000 websites to zap one domain. Sigh…

    #9885 Reply


    this means that Russian users can now forget about CCEnhancer or is it possible to do something with the file-Winapp2.ini not such big, maybe it can be put somewhere on alternative resource and make the switch? =)

    #9887 Reply

    Shane Gowland

    If you go to Advanced -> Use Alternate Downloader in the CCEnhancer menu it should now be able to circumvent the Russian filter.

    #9888 Reply

    Shane Gowland

    For reference, the URL to avoid the IP block is http://direct.content.thewebatom.net/files/winapp2.ini

    You can use the ‘direct.‘ subdomain for our other products too, including JavaRa and System Ninja.

    #9889 Reply


    Thanks for alternative method works. Can you make a tick to use alternative method  by default? What would be updated automatically when windows boots through an alternative method. Thanks in advance.

    #9890 Reply

    Shane Gowland

    Yeah sure, I can do that in the next update.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)
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