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New strings in JavaRa 2.2

Home Forums Product Support JavaRa Support New strings in JavaRa 2.2

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    Shane Gowland

    Here’s a list of new strings that will be included in JavaRa 2.2. This is to give translators a head start.

    Syntax Error. /SILENT is a secondary option to be used in combination with other command line options.
    It should not be the first option used, nor should it be used alone. Use /? for more information
    Syntax Error.
    Removes all JRE related registry keys, files and directories
    Removes only JRE registry keys from previous version.
    Run the built-in uninstaller for all versions of JRE detected
    Downloads a new copy of the JavaRa definitions.
    Hides the graphical user interface and suppresses all dialog
    messages and error reports.
    Displays this help dialog
    Example: JavaRa /UPDATEDEFS /SILENT
    Command Line Parameters
    Unsupported argument. Please use /PURGE, /CLEAN, /UNINSTALLALL, or /UPDATEDEFS
    with, or without /SILENT.
    Option Not Supported.

    This topic will be updated as development continues.

    Do not translate the actual commandline switches. Leave them as /[ENGLISH] within your translations.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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