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    Sorry, that was not Windows 7, that was Windows XP.

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    Hi Guys


    This worked great on the currently logged in user but it didn’t remove the old chrome versions for old user profiles on the PC (whose AD accounts don’t exist anymore), Is there a way to use OldChromeRemover to do this?

    (All my user machines are windows 7, in case that helps)


    Thanks in advance


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    Shane Gowland

    Hi fenno,

    Unfortunately OldChromeRemover uses environmental variables to determine the folder paths, so it won’t work on inactive user accounts.

    There is a way to override the path variables manually, but it would be faster (and easier) to delete the old chrome files and folders manually.

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    The latest update for Chrome is not deleting it says delegate execute is denied.


    How do you delete them manually?

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    It works now but not immediately after you update Chrome, only later when you restart your computer.

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    Mark Gray

    Hi Shane,


    Would this tool, clean up Chrome installed other users profiles? We are looking to use this via SCCM (which will run this tool under System Account) to clean up residual versions of Chrome on many devices in our Company as part of a compliance project that we are running.


    Thanks Mark

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    When is public new version for exmaple 0.6 or 1.0?

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    This has worked well for us to remove older versions of Chrome and update to the Enterprise version.  However, it doesn’t seem to work as well on versions after 40.x.x.x as well.  Google must have changed a few things.  It would be great if a .6 version fixed this.  Thank you for your work on this app!

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    This should probably be removed from the website since its now obsolete.

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    Possible detect old Opera or MS Edge “chromium”?

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 30 total)
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