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Registry Cleaner and Windows 8.1

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    I use CCleaner Enhanced and after checking everything and reading all the warnings it says I should uncheck the following things:

    NVIDIA (Play On My TV)

    Cached File Extensions

    Saved Search Folders


    Anyway, I installed the registry cleaner plugin for system ninja and did a scan, this is what it found:

    I’m guessing I shouldn’t remove this stuff? It’s exactly what CCleaner told me not to remove. Also, is there any way to add these entries to some kind of exclusions list?


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    Shane Gowland

    The System Ninja registry cleaner uses the exact same rules as CCEnhancer adds to CCleaner.

    If there’s a warning present in CCleaner, it should also be skipped automatically by System Ninja. That being said, I’ll double check the code shorty to make sure this is the case.

    I like the exclusion list idea, too. Thanks for the great suggestion!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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