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system ninja 3.0.1

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    system tools do not show up any more probably because the system is blocked by MS.Net framework. Any suggstions

    #9939 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    I’m going to need you to provide more information.

    – Operating System and .NET Framework version.
    – Is it the entire ‘System Tools’ tab that isn’t showing? Or just the individual tools.
    – Are there any error notices produced when you run in debug mode?

    If you can provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing, that would be helpful.

    #9940 Reply

    Thanks for your quick reaction. My system is windows 7 64-bit. The entire tab is not showing. I enclose a screnshot

    #9942 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    Could you hit the “Details” button and upload the error report.

    #9943 Reply

    I forgot to mention that MS NET framework 4.5.1 is installed. There is no difference when I run it in debug mode. I have been looking for the button “details” but cannot find it. How do I get there please

    #9944 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    See attached.

    #9946 Reply

    Sorry overlooked it. Here you go

    #9949 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    Your computer is configured to disallow access to the Windows Registry. You either need to work out where this is set, or find a way to run System Ninja with elevated privileges. I’m not sure whether ‘Run As Administrator’ will be sufficient.

    In the alternative, you can remove the offending tools by deleting their .DLL files in C:\Program Files\System Ninja\modules

    #9950 Reply

    Do you mean to say I have to delete all of these

    #9952 Reply
    Shane Gowland

    I believe only StartupManager.dll and SoftwareUninstaller.dll attempt to access the registry.

    A better option would be to remove the unnecessarily strict security settings applied to the .NET Framework.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)
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