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System Ninja 3.2.1 and all versions crashes in the middle of the scan

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    Good day,

    I’ve been using system labs System Ninja for quite some time now. An old chap of mine suggested me of this software and I found it very helpful and reliable. However as of late, the system keeps crashing asunder for no apparent reason. So, I have decided to disable my anti-virus Eset nod32but I am still having the same problems. So I have decided to scan my drive “D” or any other drive which is not my system drive, well it works and doesn’t seem to hang, but when I tried to scan my system drive, it crashes in the middle of the scan and stopped working. So I have decided to run in debug mode and the details are on my attachment.

    I am running a non pro version of version 3.2.1 since I cannot opt for pro due to budget issues and almost all versions would have the same effect in the middle of the scan, it would crash.


    Thank you singular labs.

    Hoping for a positive response on this matter.



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    Shane Gowland


    Do you know what point in the scan (percentage done) that the crash occurs? Is it the same point every time, or does it differ?



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    Thanks for the reply.


    At first the scanning would stop between 40-50% depending on the thrash or residue need to be cleaned.It does differ. So what I did to delete some of the residue from the system files was to scan my system files C: then cancel it. When there is ample files/thrash already scanned and I will delete it thinking it would do the trick. However, it doesn’t as of current system ninja 3.2.1 would stop at 80%-90% and would star crashing. And at different times at 33% when using 3.1.7 or 9300 plus files were scanned when i reinstalled 3.2.1.

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    Shane Gowland

    What version of Windows are we talking about?

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    Oh I’m sorry. I forgot I’m using windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on an Acer laptop Aspire core i3 2348, I guess a second generation core i3.

    It used to work well before then all of a sudden it glitched.

    I had this software installed on almost all my relatives PC and even recommend this to some friends to use it because of its reliability.

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    Shane Gowland

    I’m having trouble figuring out the cause of this issue. In the past we’ve seen random crashes and freezes caused by broken installs of the Microsoft .NET Framework. Could you try Microsoft’s repair tool?

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    Hi there. Once again thanks for the reply. I’ve tried the link above, Microsoft’s repair tool. It still doesn’t work. It sounds I might do a system restore probably in the future. However, I have a video attachment as to prove my claim.

    Thanks again.

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    Windows 7 Professional 64

    System Ninja gets to 90% and then just…..nothing.  My debug log file looks exactly like the one posted above.

    I keep coming back here hoping that someone has solved this.  Meanwhile I’m having to use Bleach Bit.

    I update my WINAPP2 for CCleaner and Ninja through GitHub so I don’t know if that had anything to do with this error or not.  I’ve uninstalled Ninja with Revo and cleaned it with CCleaner Registry and everything and tried an earlier version and the later version, tried your Net repair tool,  removed ALL my Net framework versions and reinstalled them and STILL it persists.

    Ninja refuses to see my C:/ drive or folders.  I’ve run every Trojan and virus scanner I can find because that’s what it acts like.  Nothing.

    It WILL see my temporary folders and that’s all.



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    Shane Gowland

    Thanks for the video. We’ll look into this further.

    Could you (either of you) share a list of browsers you have installed.

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    .NET Framework 4.7 ?
    Security updates installed from “Update center windows” for framework?
    You can try System File Checker tool.

    Windows 11 Pro Insider, x64

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